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A diffrent Spain
The purpose of this site is
to give some aspects and reflections on Spain
with information which you may not find in regular Travel Booklets.



Sorry, but no updates will be done on this site from now on. I decided to put all my efforts on the Swedish site. You'll find a translation tool on the right hand side, Translate this site / Traducir esta Página (powered by Google) or you can use the links below. You may have a good laugh since the translations sometimes mess it up, but I'm sure you will find a lot more to read this way:

Sorry for any inconvience!

/Monica 2008-12-12


Very welcome to a different Spain.


On the site you will find articles about Spain and many Spanish recipes. Please use the menu above for navigation. If you don't have javascript activated, please use the alternative menu.

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The symbol against terrorism, the blue ribbon¡Basta Ya! - Enough!

As long as the Bask terrorist group ETA continues with their acts of violence, the symbol against terrorism - the blue ribbon - will be placed on this site. So far ETA has killed 3 innocent people this year!
ETA returned to violence once again on Monday September 22, 2008. A military of the Army Brigade, Luis Conde de la Cruz, 46 years old, died after ETA detonated a car bomb in Santoña, Cantabria. At least sex other person got hurt, one of them seriously. It was the third carbomb placed by ETA during the last 24 hours!


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