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Stop hotlinking!The blacklist

Sorry, but no updates will be done on this site from now on. I decided to put all my efforts on the Swedish site. You'll find a translation tool on the right hand side, Translate this site / Traducir esta Página (powered by Google) or you can use the links below. You may have a good laugh since the translations sometimes mess it up, but I'm sure you will find a lot more to read this way:

Sorry for any inconvience!

/Monica 2008-12-12


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After constantly being exposed to people that do not respect the copyright on the domain, I have decided to blacklist sites that hotlinks to images or are using copyright protected material without permission.




Sites that hotlinks to images:


Jeeran channels

KLB / Kutzooi !11**(N)

Juan - 102 - Hombre - Barcelona!


Armchair General


Espacio de Natalia

El café del foro

Nuestro Rinconcíto

Ett opium för folket

pollewopke - CU2

Chiapet's Blog

O novo Cafe






Sites that uses copyright protected material without permission:




It is always difficult to draw a line when it comes to copyright, but hotlinking images is a different story because it is obvious. Lately I have started producing substitute images instead of the original image that someone is using without permission. It may look like below, and the method is quite efficient. Who wants dog shit on their web site?


Hotlinking stinks! The original image


Hot-linking, or linking directly to another website's images is not only bandwidth theft, but may also be construed as copyright infringement in some cases. I recommend some further reading here: What is Copyright Protection.


Does your images gets stolen too?

Please feel free to use the images below as an substitute for your original image. (Click on the smaller images to see the full size, opens in a new window). Right click and choose "Save image as". Then upload it to your server.

Hotlinking is shit, image from Emellen Dog shit, from Ninaweb

The left hand image is from Emellen and the right hand from Ninaweb. Of course I have asked them if I can use them, and they have also given their permission for you to use them if you are interested.


How do I get white listed?

The answer is simple. Remove the hotlinked image and contact me and I will remove you from the blacklist. Would like to use an image or some other material on my domain? I'm quoting my page about copyright: "If you want to use something, send me an e-mail. I'm happy to lend material but please ask me first."


Spread the word

Please feel free to use the logos below, as long as you don't hotlink to them. Right click and choose "Save image as". Then upload it to your server. If you like you are welcome to link back to this site.


Stop hotlinking! Stop hotlinking! Stop hotlinking!


Finally, if you know some good web sites about hotlinking and copyright, or perhaps you have a suitable image that you are willing to share with others to be used as an substitute image for hotlinking? Please do not hesitate to contact me!


Last revised: October 28, 2009


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