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World Trade Center 1995This Photo Page is a tribute to the Big Apple and its inhabitants.

Unfortunately New York will never be the same after the September 11 attack!
Its famous skyline is gone and many, many people lost their lives.

The more recent photos are taken in early October 2001, less than one month after the attack. The others, in early autumn 1995.

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New York in September 1995:
WTC by night
The famous skyline of NYC
WTC, daytime
Washington Square, in the arch the twintowers are visible
Lower Manhattan
New York skyline, from Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty
New York in October 2001:
All left of WTC is a pile of rubble, a terrible tradgedi
Something is missing on the photo
Chrysler Building
Empire State Building, once again the tallest building in NYC
Lower Manhattan fenced off.
Chambers street
Times Square
Time for a rest, Washington Square
A (almost) naked cowboy, Times Square
Times Square
The flat-iron, the oldest skyscraper in NYC
Washington Square
 A man playing  zither, Waldorf Astoria
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Beautiful flower arrangement, Waldorf Astoria
Remember 9-11-01
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We will never forget!

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