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I just can't resist taking snapshots of beautiful
flowers and plants whenever I get the chance.
My biggest problem though is the determination of species.
There are some plants below unknown to me.
If you know the species, Please
mail me!

Click on the photos to make them larger.
A lemon tree,  in Spain
Clematis, in Sweden
Viburnum x rhytidophylloides, Spain
Hibiscus, Spain
Lavender, in Spain
Cactus flower, in Spain
A rose-bush with small pink roses, in Sweden
Cypress cones, in Spain
Plant with red flowers like brushes, in Spain
Fruits of a Strawberry tree, in Spain
Un unusual large sample of the Strawberry Tree, in Spain
Bougainvillea, in Spain
A type of grass, in USA
Magnolia, in Spain
Magnolia, in Spain
 Marguerite, in Spain
Mimosa, in Spain
Unknown plant, in USA
Pampas, in Spain
Ripe Olives, in Spain
Peaches, in Spain
Prunus blossom, in Spain
Unknown plant, in Spain
Larkspur, in Sweden
Pink roses, in Spain
White roses, in Spain
Flowers from a Lagerstomia, Crape Myrtle, in Spain
A Crape Myrtle tree, (Lagerstomia), in Spain
Red standard rose, in Sweden
Dark red hollyhock, in Sweden
Dark red hollyhock, in Sweden
Oriental Poppy, in Sweden
Oriental Poppy, in Sweden
Unripe walnuts, in Spain
The same walnut tree as the photo on the left, in Spain
Rosemary, in Spain
Unknown plant, in USA
Redish roses, in Spain
Bouganvillea, in Portugal  
Cactus flowers, in Spain
A type of  thyme?
Bougainvillea, in Spain  
Quince fruit, in Spain
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