Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I change my Site Details; url, description etc.?
It is simple, mail me and I will do the changes.

I cant find my site in the members listing?
Sites that has not added the WebRing logo within 14 days after submission to join are deleted from the queue.
Sites where the logo has been removed will also be deleted from the ring. The same applies to sites that has moved or is down without letting me know.

How do I delete my site from the ring?
Mail me and I'll remove your site.

What is the definition of a noncommercial site?
If you are uncertain what applies to your site, please mail me and we can discuss it.
An example; If you rent out your house during vacations and at the same time have good tourist information about the location of your house you may join. Sites that are mainly business oriented (Tour operators etc.) are considered commercial.

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